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The 100% “from tree to cup” artisan process, based on a philosophy of care for the product, organic farming and sustainable production techniques, as well as concern for the environment, is what makes all the difference regarding these up-market special coffees.

Not all coffee growers can produce specialty coffee and therefore, each of these coffees is authentic and unique, and has a story behind it. They are seasonal coffees, produced by smallholder farmers who grow their varietal coffee in a specific region, at a specific altitude and under specific soil, temperature and humidity conditions. The farmers harvest the coffee by hand, selecting the berries that have reached their optimum ripeness point, and during the pulping process, they carry out yet another selection, of coffee beans this time, to discard the defective ones.

Our product is pampered to the highest level, every detail is taken care of throughout the process, and strict traceability of each of the beans that make up the coffee is applied. As a result, we obtain unique coffees to which we apply a personalised, artisan roasting process, adapted for each coffee profile, as we seek to highlight its characteristics.

To obtain the category of speciality coffee, professional tasters certified by the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) carry out tastings in which they evaluate and grade the individual characteristics of each coffee, and only those that achieve a score of over 80/100 points are awarded the category of speciality coffee.


Hundreds of smallholders based on the shores of Lake Edward, located in North Kivu, use semi-washed and fully-washed processing techniques to produce high quality certified organic coffee.

Process Washed
Varietal Bourbon
Altitude 1.500m
SCA score 85,75


Pyin Oo Lwin, a rapidly growing area in Myanmar, is known as “Coffee City” Located in the cool mountains in the centre of the country, the coffee farms are interspersed with other crop productions such as dragon fruit, citrus and avocado.

Process Washed
Varietal Catimor
Altitude 1.035-1125m
SCA score 86,25


Obatá is one of the most popular varieties in Costa Rica, and Finca Noreti specifically makes a highly consistent coffee. This coffee is produced using an innovative process called the Triple Wash, which is rarely used in the country.

Process Triple washed
Varietal Heirloom
Altitude 1.360
SCA score 87,5


Fátima combines her job as a teacher with her great passion, the world of coffee. Since 2007 she has been using both innovative techniques and the knowledge inherited from her family on her farm in Marcala, which is famous for its landscapes, and its unique climate, that helps produce gourmet coffee.

Process Honey
Varietal Catuai
Altitude 1.600m
SCA score 87,25

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